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Neuro-Fundraising [noo-roh-fuhnd-rey-zing] noun The scientific study of human biometric response to fundraising stimuli in order to understand, measure, and increase the effectiveness of each stimuli within a targeted donor base.


The Neuro-Fundraising Lab is entirely mobile and can be set up at any location to accomodate a specific event or group of targeted respondents.

Facial Analysis

Was the respondent’s emotional response positive or negative and were they engaged with the content?

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(Implicit Response Test) What does the respondent truly believe about your organization and fundraising content?

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(Galvanic Skin Response) What was the intensity of the respondent’s emotional connection to the content?

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Where did each respondent look, where did they fixate, and were they distracted?

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Is the respondent having an approach or avoidance reaction to the stimuli?

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Respondent Interview

Does the respondent’s evaluation match emotional response and intensity?

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